I am Jen...

I am Jen...

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

If you are looking to do something totally wonderful for yourself, try out Koha Yoga--Koha means "gift" in the Maori language, and it certainly was that to everyone who came tonight to the Flying Yoga Partner Workshop.  I laughed and sighed, was still and breathed deeply.  My body released and I was able to surrender to and deeply enjoy the moment of being cared for by someone else.  It was lovely!

Here are some pictures from the workshop.  Everyone said they enjoyed it immensely and were going to leave feeling more empowered by their strength and aware of the duality of male and female characteristics and how both are so crucial to balance.

Here is Ms. Mary Buth enjoying the support and freedom of flying with Sara Laimon Luke of Koha Yoga.  She also said, Coming to The Soul Source tonight--just being here--is the highlight of my week."  I made me just MELT with gratitude and love!  
There are so many incredible participants and instructors that are at The Soul Source, and I am just grateful that I get to be a witness to the opening, healing and transformation that takes place in so many lives when they throw off the shackles and burdens of a past that no longer serves them.

Check out this beautiful sequence that Whaka and Anna (a new participant who came with Robert) did at the end of the class.  Anna had never done this before, but her body and soul seemed to know instinctively what to do.  It was like watching a graceful dance at Cirque du Soleil.

John and I were able to attend the workshop together--which was a gift in and of itself--and John was so amazed that Whaka could fly him.  Whaka described my husband as a "giant of a man."  He is tall and strong and pretty flexible for a guy.  However, he tends to be a TYPE A person, and has a difficult time trusting others--especially when that person is smaller and is supposed to support his heavier frame in the air with only his legs.  Whaka spun him and dipped him like he was a small toy.  It was SO cool to see.

As for me, I don't think I will need to go to the chiropractor as often, if John and I can get the flow down that Sara and Whaka showed us.  My neck and shoulders were SO relaxed when I was hanging upside down like a noodle waiting to dry.  It was wonderful and, as you can see, I felt GREAT by the end of the workshop.  John and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and we would recommend this workshop and Koha Yoga to everyone.

Check out their website and blog (http://www.kohayoga.com/about/).  Sara and Whaka are a huge gift, as is the practice that they teach you.  Sleep well.  Namaste.

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